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Life Groups

Small Groups with a Community Feel

If you have not yet joined a care group, you can take a look at our existing list of groups and call the care group leader for more information. Care groups meet throughout the community surrounding the church including Portland, Tigard, Tualatin, Lake Oswego, Oregon City and West Linn and you are invited to join a care group near your home.

More About Our Community Care Groups

The Community Care Ministry is the place where our passion for truth and people is put into practice. We have identified several communities in the Portland Metro area where people who attend Lake Bible Church reside. Within each Community there are one to several Care Groups who carry out the ministry and mission of Lake. These Care Groups focus on study, fellowship, relationships and prayer. In Acts 2:42-47 we see the early church dedicated to the apostles’ teaching, dependent on prayer, committed to the fellowship and engaged in service.

The Community Care Ministry is the church in action. We become God’s heart, voice and hands to our church and into the community. Discover your place at Lake Bible Church by becoming involved in your Care Group.

Study: “They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching . . .” Acts 2:42(a)

Care Groups meet weekly and study the previous Sunday’s teaching. It is in these groups where God’s Word is examined, discussed and applied. It is about discovering God, His love and His desire for our lives. The Care Groups are the place where questions can be asked; doubts can be expressed; and concerns raised and still experience acceptance, security and love.

Sermon questions are published online and in the Sunday morning bulletin.

Fellowship: “They devoted themselves to fellowship . . .” Acts 2:42(b)

Fellowship literally means to have in common. We have a commonality that unites us as believers and these are manifested in the Care Group. At the heart of fellowship is our common belief in the Lord Jesus Christ. We also have a common desire to love God and love others. This is manifested when needs are shared and met through the Care Group as we minister to each other.

Relationships: “They devoted themselves to the breaking of bread . . .” Act 2:42(c)

In the early church the breaking of bread pointed to the relationships that were being built. Not only is our relationship with God strengthen in the Care Group, but our relationships with those in the church and even into the community are embraced. Being loved is at the core of our existence. We crave it; long for it and desperately thirst for it. The Care Group is the place where we experience love at its deepest points. But equally important is our need to love. People need you. God desires you to reveal His affection through your compassion to others especially those who are in the faith. The Care Group provides opportunities for you to love others in the church and community.

Prayer: “They devoted themselves to prayer . . ” Acts 2:42(d)

Just as study opens us to the mind of God, prayer connects us with His heart. The Care Group becomes a place where conversation with God is a reality. When we pray for ourselves, others in our church and for those in the community, we recognize that God does care and He will intervene in accordance with His plan for our lives.

Questions? Contact Lori Miller at or 503-699-9840, ext. 207.

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