Lake Bible Church

Build people up in Christ.
Send them out for Christ.
Bring people to Christ.

Mission Celebration Month is February!

We expect the year of 2015 to be a year of challenge to our lives as believers in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

During Mission Celebration Month, the Mission Committee’s hope is to present our congregation with a view of  actions we are taking showing how Lake Bible Church is actively engaging all the opportunities the Lord is providing us to breathe life and energy into the precious mission He has given us!

This February our Mission Celebration theme is “Bringing People to Christ!”

We will be highlighting our local and international outreaches and our Senior Pastor will be presenting four sermons discussing the vital area of evangelism embraced by the mission of our church and the absolute obligation we have, as believers in Jesus Christ, to build into those whom we touch in every aspect of lives the power and glory of our Lord.

International Potluck

Also, on Sunday, February 22d at 5:30 pm, the Mission Committee will host our traditional International Potluck!

During the potluck, we will  discuss our Mission Initiatives for 2014 – 2015 and set forth the hopes we have for how our body can bring to fruition the entirety of our mission during 2015.

And, we will have two of our long-term Missionaries who will provide a report of their ministries in India and Global Media Outreach and you learn what our other Mission Outreaches throughout the world are accomplishing.  Too, you will hear about many great mission initiatives we have been given by the Lord right in our own church and how we are taking advantage of these God-given opportunities!

We sincerely pray this year all the Congregation attends our International Potluck so we can all rejoice together in knowing how God is providing us a banquet of  great work in Bringing People to Christ while He is Building us up in His faith, and providing avenues of endeavor through which we can send people out to proclaim His Truth and manifest His glory!

All together this will be a great month to revel in our Mission of Bringing People to Jesus!

Potlock Dish Assignments

Everyone is encouraged to attend the International Potluck and you are encouraged to participate by bringing a dish of your choosing. The following is meant only to be a suggestion for dishes to bring and you are free to bring any dish which you are excited to share with others.

Care Group
or Last Name
Origin of Dish to Prepare
Care Group Leaders: Jim & Olsie Andrews and Max & Lori Miller
Or, Last Names Beginning with A through F
Asia (Including: India, Korea, China, Philippines, Japan, Indonesia, Hawaii)
Care Group Leaders: Pete & Julie Oliver and Bob & Betty Hanington
Or, Last Names Beginning with G through L
Europe (Western European countries, Scandinavian countries, Russia)
Care Group Leaders: Ken & Kim Dixon & Kent Robinson
Or, Last Names Beginning with M through R
The Americas (North America, South America, or Central America)
Care Group Leaders: Brent & Marchelle Schafer
Or, Last Names Beginning with S through Z
The Mediterranean (Greece, Israel & Arab countries, Africa, Spain & Italy)