Lake Bible Church

Build people up in Christ.
Send them out for Christ.
Bring people to Christ.

Mission Celebration Month is February!

Every year, February, is Mission Celebration Month. During this month, the Mission Committee’s desire for the congregation is to present the most complete picture of what Lake Bible Church is doing to reach out locally and to the world to “…Bring People to Christ…”!

This February our Mission Celebration theme is “Building People Up in Christ!”  While we will be highlighting our local and international outreaches, our Senior Pastor will be presenting four sermons underscoring our responsibility to abide in God’s word and as we do so heed our calling to build each other up in His word and building those whom we touch upon in our daily lives in the power and glory of our Lord. For the four Sundays in February, each sermon will explore four aspects of our calling to “Build People Up in Christ.”

February 3 Our Sovereign Mandate: The Compelling Business of the Church.

  • February 3   Silence the Barking Dog.
  • February 16 Learn the Playbook & Communicate Regularly
  • February 23 Shed the Dead Weight
  • March 2  Trust God and Damn the Torpedoes

International Potluck – February 23d

On Sunday, February 23d at 5:30 pm, the Mission Committee will host our traditional  International Potluck and it will be one of our most exciting mission presentations! During the potluck, we will  discuss our mission initiatives for 2013 – 2014 and set forth the hopes we have for how our body can bring to fruition the entirety of our mission during 2014.  You will meet our Uganda 2014 Team, see what our Mission Outreaches throughout the world are accomplishing, and hear about many great mission initiatives we have been given by the Lord.  We pray this year that all the Congregation is present so we can all commune together in how God is providing for us a banquet of  great work in Bringing People to Christ while He is Building us up in His faith, His  grace, and His mercy!