Build people up in Christ.
Send them out for Christ.
Bring people to Christ.

Hannah Howard

Soul Sisters

Sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ is the heartbeat of Women’s Ministry. To that end, encouraging those who do so holds such importance. Soul Sisters is an outreach to our sisters in Christ on the mission field both locally and abroad. Whether the wife of a spouse who’s responded to this calling or a missionary herself we partner with her in the work God has called her to through prayer, edification, encouragement and monthly contact.

The Soul Sisters team is made up of Lake Bible women who believe in the saving grace of God’s Son, Jesus, the authentic Spirit inspired power of prayer and who have a desire to live out the life-changing results of an ongoing relationship with Jesus Christ. We come from various backgrounds and interests but the thing that binds us together is a heart for evangelism and missions. We meet monthly and invite you to join us. Give us a call to find out more about this ministry. The commitment is minimal but the investment value is priceless.

Contact: Jill Berglund, 971-998-3585,