Evidence of the Spirit

Let’s get your family together and continue our journey through the Westminster Confession (for this devotion, you will need your Bible):

Your body is constantly giving signs of life. You breathe in and out, your heart beats and gives a pulse on your wrist or on your neck. These are indicators that your body is functioning just the way it is supposed to. When you visit the doctor and he puts on his stethoscope and listens to you breathe, he is looking for signs that everything in your respiratory system is working like it should. These vital signs are so helpful in warning us and informing us about our health.

Did you know that there are actual signs of spiritual life as well? Does sin bother you? Do you do good to others? Do you long to worship God with your life? Do you pursue and think on what is good? These are all signs that will tell you whether or not the Spirit of God is working in your life.

Let’s start by reading 1 John 3:4-10 together. John lived in an interesting time. He got to live with and walk with Jesus. He lived longer than any of the other disciples, and cared for Jesus’ mother after all of her other sons had passed away. But even in John’s own time there were a group of people that sprang up in the Church who said that it didn’t matter if you did what was right. These people said that the physical world wasn’t important, and so your physical actions didn’t matter only your heart mattered. John looked at this false teaching and punched it in the nose!

John said that what you do in your action reflects who you are and more importantly whose you are. John said if you do devilish things it is a sign that you belong to the Devil. If you are alive in Christ then you will show signs of Christ’s life and live for Him, not the Devil. Our physical actions are connected to our hearts and so ALL of our physical actions flow from and impact our hearts. This is why we feel guilt in our conscience when we sin – because our bodies and our hearts were meant to live in unity with God.

Why were you created? To glorify God and enjoy Him forever! You need God’s goodness in your life like – or rather – more than you need bread. Is your life giving you signs of spiritual life or spiritual death?

Reaction Activity

  • Let’s sing Wholly Yours together again as a family.
  • Let’s ask the Lord to help us live a life that tells us we belong to Him.
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