God Directs All Creation and All History

Let’s get your family together and continue our journey through the Westminster Confession. For this devotion, you will need your Bible and a speed painting YouTube video.

Let’s take a look at a time-lapse video of a portrait painter. Let’s keep in mind as we watch it that the work we are watching is sped up incredibly fast so that we can see the entire painting in a few minutes time. Were there moments during the painting in which you thought the artist messed up the portrait? Did you notice that he used all sorts of colors? What would happen if he only used bright, happy colors? Did you know God is weaving and molding and moving all of creation toward His purposes? Did you know that he governs and rules over even the microbes that are everywhere? God cares for ALL of creation! And just like the artist’s work, there are moments where we don’t understand the most recent “brushstroke” but we can trust in His good and wise hand!

Let’s read Genesis 50:15-21 together. Joseph lived through some pretty tumultuous times. He saw slavery and imprisonment, destitution and resurrection, powerlessness and power, feast and famine. God brought him through all of these things to put Joseph in a place to save many, many lives. Did you know if Joseph didn’t go through all of these things, then God’s people would have died of starvation? God bended the arc of Joseph’s life, caused him to suffer only to be exalted again all so that God’s people would survive. And God’s people survived all so that he could send His Son Jesus to save people all over the world! God will even use the evil things that people do to us in order to bring about His good plan.

This should cause us to hope in God’s wisdom. It might not mean that we get an easy life or that we get the things we want out of life, but it does mean that God will work all things for our ultimate good (*see Romans 8:26-30). But what is our ultimate good? It is being found in Christ and enjoying Him forever!

Let’s praise God for His wisdom to bring about His plan!

Reaction Activity

  • Watch and learn to sing the Doxology, an ancient hymn, together!
  • Can you think of a time in your life that you didn’t know what God was doing? Did it become clear later on how he protected/preserved/taught you?
  • Pray together thanking God for His good plan to bring a people to Himself and to satisfy our every longing!
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