God Loved Us First

Let’s look through some of the pictures we have from when you were a baby. These are so dear to us and help us to remember that time when you were too little to care for yourself and we had to do everything for you! You didn’t really have any say in how we dressed you, if we dressed you, or what we fed you. But did you have any say in your birth? Did you choose to be born? Did you choose your mommy and daddy? No! You didn’t have anything to do with your being born, other than you were born! Did you know that this is the same way that God saves His people? They don’t reach out to God, the Bible tells us that they don’t even want God before God changes their heart and calls them his own children!

Let’s read Ephesians 2:1-5 together. Paul tells the Ephesian church that before they knew Jesus they were dead! That doesn’t mean that they were poor souls drowning in the ocean hoping for someone to throw them a life preserver. Dead means dead! This means that before Jesus comes to save us we are more like a skeleton at the bottom of the ocean with the fish nibbling on our bony skeleton hands! How does God save us then? Verse 4 tells us that God mercifully makes us alive again through Jesus!

So God pulls our skeleton out of the bottom of the ocean and gives us a new heart, new muscles, new skin, and then breathes new breath into our lungs and starts our heart beating again. And it’s not because God’s people are good! It’s because God is RICH in mercy. And this is good news! Because I have bad days all the time, and my feeble fingers cannot grip onto a life preserver hard enough to keep me from drowning. Only the strong arms of God himself and His unchanging, unbreaking, determined, forever love of His people can hold me through the waves!

It’s not because we’re good. It’s because we are His!

Let’s praise God for His unchanging, unbreaking, and forever love!

Reaction Activity

  • Watch and learn to sing “Not in Me” together.
  • Pray together thanking God for His wonderful plans to love and save His people!