God Made All Things

Let’s take some time to be amazed by God’s creation. We will either star-gaze tonight or watch an episode of Planet Earth. Which would you prefer? Did you know that there creation is so ordered with billions of interworking networks, systems, and symbiotic unions that scientists marvel at its fine-tuning? The distance of the earth to the sun is perfectly set so that we do not freeze or melt. Each diploid cell in your body contains 1.5 gigabytes of information that has to be programmed precisely! God has made all things very good!

Let’s read Acts 17:22-31 together. Paul is preaching to men and women who have never heard about the true God before. And so he tells them about God who created the heaven and the earth and who sustains all life. He goes further to say that God is the reason why we live and move and breathe! What do you think it would be like to suddenly hear of the true God for the first time? Paul points out to them that they knew He must exist, but they didn’t know how…hearing about the true God who makes our hearts beat is like coming into a home for the first time and yet knowing that its our home and our family – we were made for this!

But Paul immediately begins to tell these people then that they are accountable to God. Why would that be the next thing he says? Because God is our rightful King and Father. He made us and so we are responsible to Him. Let’s look at Psalm 100:3. If God created us and we didn’t create ourselves, then are we free to do and be what we want? No! We are most at home when we embrace our identity under God. That is the truest thing about us! And God’s rule and reign are good! Remember, we were made for Him!

Let’s praise God for His good creation!

Reaction Activity

  • Watch and learn to sing “This is My Father’s World” together.
  • Pray together thanking God for making us His, and ask Him to help you live under His good reign and rule together as a family.
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