Good Works

Let’s get your family together and continue our journey through the Westminster Confession (for this devotion, you will need your Bible and a lantern):

Let’s play a game of hide and seek but with a twist: let’s play it in the dark. But let’s make it more interesting: only one person is hiding while everyone else searches. BUT let’s make it even MORE interesting: They have to hold this lantern. It’s really hard to hide a light in a dark room, isn’t it? The darker the room, the more visible the light.

Let’s start by reading Matthew 5:13-16 together. Jesus was teaching a new and higher Law to his people. Jesus wasn’t telling them how to be saved, He was telling us the ethics of His kingdom – the Church. This is what life looks like under the good reign of our king Jesus. Jesus begins by blessing His people for their suffering, and then he takes a long discourse to apply the Law of Moses not just to our actions, but to our heart’s motive! But he opens up this section by saying our good works from the heart will cause others to glorify God in heaven.

A couple months ago, when New York City was being hit incredibly hard with a COVID outbreak, a group of Christians opened up a field hospital in Central Park. The leaders of that city responded by calling the Christians hateful and meanspirited! Can you imagine?!? But that is exactly what Jesus tells us will happen in vs. 11. But for those who were treated by these Christian doctors, many of them have given testimony of the kindness and love of the Christians. This is what it means to follow Jesus. Jesus was kind and healed, and the world cursed Him for it. We are not greater than Jesus and when we do good works, whether people like us for it or not, God is glorified in heaven.

Why were you created? To glorify God and enjoy Him forever! It matters so little what people say about us. All that matters is whether God is glorified and Jesus is made known. Jesus tells us that one of the clearest ways to do this is by living holy lives.

Let’s thank God that He has given us the opportunity to testify about Him with our lives.

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