Mission Policy

Mission Committee

The Mission Committee is composed of four members of the congregation and an Elder Liaison who meet monthly to frame the Strategic Plan for Lake’s Mission Outreach and to make recommendations for actions appropriate thereto to the Board of Elders. The Mission Committee operates under the guidelines established in the Mission Policy as seen below. It also has the responsibility of propounding the yearly Mission Budget and recommending its adoption by the Board of Elders.

Member Years of Participation

Jim Thwing, Chairman (26 years) Stacy Olson, Member (7 years) Judy Thwing, Member (19 years) Erick Berglund, Member (2 years) Aaron Peterson, Elder Liaison




Mission Policy 99.1Y                                                                                                  Dated: AUGUST 2011


1.  PURPOSE:  The purpose of this policy is to provide a framework for the administration, organization, planning, operation, and funding of all mission activities sponsored or endorsed by Lake Bible Church.

2.  AUTHORITY.  Authority for this policy is the Board of Elders acting pursuant to Article III, Section 2, Lake Bible Church Constitution.

3.  SCOPE: The Board of Elders vests the Mission Committee with responsibility to serve as an advisory group for all mission activities endorsed or supported by Lake Bible Church and shall have further responsibility for recommending policy relating to mission activities, disposition and disbursement of Mission Funds, establishing  plans and direction for mission activities within the church, and providing representation and oversight of all short and long term missionaries supported or endorsed by Lake Bible Church.



            A.  Advice and Consent.  As used in the herein policy, advice and consent, means obtaining approval from a body or agency capable of delegating authority for action after the body requesting approval has provided all  critical facts and details upon which a clear decision on the subject of a matter can be made.

            B.  Doctrinal Standing.  An individual’s Christian beliefs and the scriptural basis for those beliefs.

            C.  Endorsed/Sponsored.  Sanctioned by the Board of Elders pursuant to Article III, Section 1a(1), Lake Bible Constitution.

            D.  Global Mission.  Any mission organization or activity dedicated to the advancement of the gospel of Jesus Christ among unsaved peoples or intended to minister to Christian brothers and sisters and which is not proximate to Lake Bible Church or regarded by the Board of Elders as a local mission organization or activity.

E.  Local Mission.  A mission organization or activity dedicated to the advancement of the gospel of Jesus

Christ or to minister to Christian brothers and sisters and which is proximate to Lake Bible Church.

            F.  Long Term Missionary.  Ordinarily, a full- time Missionary pursuing that work for a period of time greater than one year.

            G.  Quorum.  A number equal to or greater than a majority of the total named and identified membership.

Mission Policy 99-1-Y                                                                                                                          REVISED

            H.  Short term Missionary.  Ordinarily, a less than full- time missionary pursuing that work for a period of time less than one year.

            I.  Spiritual Standing.  A Christian’s testimony coupled with the objective demonstration of his or her faith in and walk with Jesus Christ.

            J.  Strategic Plan. A long term plan setting forth the direction and execution of the mission and vision of Lake Bible Church including plans developed by other ministries within the church consistent with this plan.

            K.  Substantive effect.  Any action other than an action based on policy directive or otherwise involving procedure which would likely require the advice and consent of the Board of Elders.



            A.  Organization.  The Mission committee shall be composed of a Mission Chairman and members of the congregation.  The Mission Chairman, with the advice and consent of the Board of Elders, shall have the authority to select members of the committee willing to serve or approve of members of the congregation who desire to serve on the committee.

                        (1)  Chairman.  Qualifications for the Chairman of the Mission Committee are outlined at Section II, Section 2, paragraph (7)(d), page 6, Lake Bible Constitution. As the aforementioned provision makes

clear, the chairman shall serve a one year term unless, with his or her concurrence, the term is extended by the Board of Elders.

                        (2)  Committee Members.  Committee members shall serve year to year and shall be free, with the recommendation of the Chairman of the Mission and approval by a majority of the Board of Elders to extend their service from year to year.

            B.  Administration.  The Mission Committee shall have no less than five members.  All actions by the committee shall be consistent with the Constitution of Lake Bible Church.  All decisions by the Mission Committee shall be made by a majority of its members present at a properly called meeting at the time any vote is taken.  However, a quorum of the Committee must be present before a vote on any matter to be referred to the Board of Elders is taken.

1)  The Mission Committee shall, at a minimum, meet once per month at a time and place established by the Chairman.  Ordinarily, written notice of time and place shall be provided to committee members at least one week in advance of a Mission Committee Meeting.

                        (2)  Minutes of formal Mission Committee meetings shall be taken and copies thereof distributed, at a minimum, to the Board of Elders, Pastoral Staff, members of the Mission Committee, and for the church record.

                        (3)  The Chairman shall have authority to designate special officers and sub-committees.

Mission Policy 99-1-Y                                                                                                                          REVISED

                        (4)  The Mission Committee shall seek the advice and consent of the Board of Elders before executing any decision substantively effecting the course and conduct of mission activities at Lake Bible Church.

6. PLANS.  The Mission Committee shall develop a Strategic Plan consistent with the strategic plan of Lake Bible Church and shall renew its plan yearly before the inception of the subsequent fiscal year.  This plan shall contain, at a minimum, a determination of the status of current long-term missionaries, strategy concerning support for current long-term missionaries, plans for identifying potential missionaries within the congregation, a yearly assessment of local and global mission needs and a strategy how Lake Bible Church may be used to provide assistance as to these needs.

            A.  Senior Pastor interface.  Prior to planning for the new fiscal year, the Mission Committee shall meet with the Senior Pastor or his designee to discuss the Senior Pastor’s vision for mission activities during the ensuing fiscal year.

            B.  Long term Missionary evaluation.  Long term missionaries sponsored by Lake Bible Church shall be evaluated yearly beginning no later than the 6TH month (December of the new fiscal year.  Evaluations should be completed before the beginning of the development of the strategic plan (March).

            C.  Mission Conference.  At the inception of the new fiscal year, the Mission Committee shall begin planning a yearly Mission Conference.  Ordinarily, the conference shall be scheduled for the months of February or March of the new fiscal year.

            D.  Publicity.  The Mission Chairman shall designate a “Publicity Team” yearly at the inception of the fiscal year.  The publicity team shall develop a plan of action for  effectively keeping the congregation advised of all mission and missionary activities during the fiscal year.

            E.  Short Term Mission Organizations and Missionaries.  The Mission Committee shall be responsible for oversight of all short term mission organizations and missionaries requesting support and shall be responsible

for bringing proposed short term mission activities to the attention of the Board of Elders in order to obtain its endorsement.



A.  Current Information.  The Mission Committee shall ensure the Board of Elders, Pastoral Staff and the congregation is kept advised on all activities undertaken by long term missionaries supported or endorsed by

Lake Bible Church on a timely basis and, in any event, no less than quarterly during the fiscal year.  The Mission Committee chairman shall be responsible for ensuring the most effective means of providing information to the

Board of Elders, Pastoral Staff, and congregation regarding the activities of missionaries supported by the church is utilized.

            B.  Evaluating Missionaries.  The Mission Committee shall interview all missionaries seeking support or endorsement by Lake Bible Church in preparation for


Mission Policy 99-1-Y                                                                                                                          REVISED

                        (1)  Establishing:

                                    (a)  The doctrinal standing of the mission organization or activity represented.

                                    (b)  The spiritual standing of the applicant seeking missionary status and Lake                                                               Bible Church support or endorsement.

                                    (c)  Whether the mission organization or mission activity represented substantially                                                          supports the Mission Strategic Plan.

                                    (d)  Membership and participation at Lake Bible Church.  Ordinarily, applicants                                                           for missionary status and support shall be members at Lake Bible Church for                                                          no less than one year who have demonstrated during that period of time                                                                 substantial involvement in missionary or evangelical ministries of the church.

                        (2)  Seeking advice and approval for the mission applicant from the Senior Pastor.

                        (3)  Obtaining approval from the Board of Elders for approving the applicant and the                                                 mission organization or activity supported or endorsed by Lake Bible Church on the basis of a                                favorable finding as to:

                                    (a) The doctrinal standing of the mission organization or activity represented.

                                    (b) Spiritual standing of the missionary applicant.

(c)     Consistency with the Mission Committee strategic Plan.

            D.  Missionary Development.  A preference for support of mission, mission activities, and missionaries by the Lake Bible Church shall be given those whose calling has developed through the church.  The Mission Committee shall be a source of encouragement to members of the church evidencing a call to work in the mission field whether local or global and shall develop a comprehensive program for effectively advising such members.

            E.  Mission Conference.  The Mission Committee shall conduct a Mission Conference at least once per fiscal year.  The conference shall be made a part of the yearly church calendar and shall be coordinated with the Senior and Executive Pastors and Board of Elders concerning the following:

                        (1)  Theme of the conference.

                        (2)  Length of the conference.

                        (3)  Special Guests and activities.

(4)    Support issues.

Mission Policy 99-1-Y                                                                                                                          REVISED

                        (5)  Funding.


A.  Soliciting Support Within Church Membership.  Long-term Missionaries receiving substantial (at least 2/3ds of total support received) support from Lake Bible Church may not actively solicit additional support from individuals or groups within the church.

B.     Annual Missionary Update and Financial Support Report. 

1.                  Annual Missionary Update.  Long-term missionaries shall file, no later than November 15th of the year preceding adoption of the  succeeding fiscal year budget (i.e., November 15th) an Annual Update of their ministry discussing, among other things, whether the goals adopted at the inception of the fiscal year have been met and the reasons they have or have not been met.

2.                  Financial Support Report.  Long-term missionaries shall file, no later than November 15th, of the year preceding the adoption of the succeeding fiscal year budget a report demonstrating their total needs and current source(s) of support.

C.                 Home Visits.  Long-term Missionaries who regard Lake Bible Church as their home church shall visit the church at least three times during their regular home assignment.


D.                Correspondence.  Long-term missionaries are expected to correspond regularly with the church through the Mission Committee providing information regarding their activities and prayer needs.  No less than one letter every month to the Chairman of the Mission Committee is considered minimum to enable the Mission Committee to adequately serve the missionaries of the church.  If more than three

successive months without receiving correspondence occurs, the Mission Committee shall so advise the Board of Elders.  The Board of Elders, on the basis of this information, may suspend missionary support

for a period of one month. Continued support may be permanently withheld if, after notifying the missionary, correspondence is not received from the missionary within 30 days reporting on the current condition of the mission and the reasons for failing to communicate.

9.  MISSION  BUDGET.  All matters concerning the fiscal management of the Mission Fund shall be consistent with the Constitution of Lake Bible Church and the Fiscal Management Policy.  Within this context, the Mission Committee shall have the following responsibilities:

            A.  Long Term Missionary Support.  During the budgeting phase of the Mission budget, priority for distribution of anticipated Fiscal Year funds will be given to long term missionaries . Additionally, the Mission Committee shall plan and maintain for the fiscal year under consideration, as a contingency, at least two months of support in addition to month-to-month support for each long term missionary supported.

1.  Support for long term missionaries will be based upon their identified needs coupled with the following factors:

Mission Policy 99-1-Y                                                                                                                          REVISED

            a.  The current support status of the Mission organization (i.e, extent level of other support being received by the mission organization).

b.  The economic condition of the Mission organization (i.e., the conditions of the economy in which the mission is operating and impact of those conditions upon the mission organization).

            c.  The relevance of the mission project or person to the strategic plan developed by the Mission Committee.   

                                    d.  The effectiveness of the mission organization or activity.

e.  Other needs of the missionary organization or activity consistent with the Mission Strategic Plan.

                                    f.  The current financial conditions of the general fund of Lake Bible Church.

            2.  Final recommended support for each long term missionary for an ensuing fiscal year will be determined no later than the month of March of the current fiscal year.

            B.  Short Term Missionary Support.  The Mission Chairman, working through the Mission Committee or a segment of that committee designated by the Mission Chairman, shall be primarily responsible for organizing planning and support for short term mission projects.

                        1.  Short term mission planned by the Mission Committee will be funded according to priorities identified in the strategic plan developed by the Mission Committee for the Fiscal Year in which the short term Mission is anticipated. 

                        2.  In order that the congregation is alerted to planning for short term mission this matter shall be brought to the attention of the congregation using media such as the Church Bulletin, Bulletin Inserts, or other public notice.  Notice that the Mission Committee is planning for short term mission shall be provided at least two weeks in advance of the month of March in anticipation of the coming fiscal year. 

                        3.  The Mission Committee shall develop a short term mission support budget no later than the month of March of the year preceding the fiscal year in which support shall be expended.

            C.  Local Mission Support.  In planning the fiscal year budget for the Mission Ministry, the Mission Committee shall ensure that sufficient funds are available to support the Annual Mission Conference, Local Long

Term Missionaries currently endorsed by Lake Bible Church, and local mission activities essential to the mission of Lake Bible Church and as outlined in the Mission Strategic Plan.

This policy was approved, as revised, by

the Board of Elders on August 18, 2013.