New Hearts

Let’s get your family together and continue our journey through the Westminster Confession (for this devotion, you will need your Bible, and all the fixings to make cookie cups):

Let’s take some time to make cookie cups together. Before we start let’s try to make cookie cups with already made cookies. It doesn’t really work does it? Why not? Because the cookies are already hard, we can’t mold them into the shape that we want them to be. We need the cookie to be soft in order to make it into the shape that we want it to be. Did you know that are hearts are a lot like these cookies?

Last devotion, we talked about how sin changes our attitude and our hearts towards God. Today, we are going to see how God has to make our hearts soft like cookie dough in order to make us show His image right again. The good news is that God can do this and gives us the promise that He will do it in the Bible!

Let’s start by reading Ezekiel 36:22-32 together. God’s people Israel had long disobeyed God and He sent them many, many prophets telling them to return to Him, to obey and love Him. But they refused God again and again, and did the opposite – they bowed down before terrible monstrous idols and even sacrificed their own children to these idols! Their hearts were hardened in this mold. So God sent them out of His land and into the captivity of other nations! But God loved His people so much, He promised that there would come a day when He would take them back from all the nations and give them a new, soft heart that He could write His commands on.

How does God do this? In verses 26-27 God promises that He would send His Spirit to transform their hearts from stone hearts to soft hearts. This is exactly what God does when Jesus ascends to heaven and He pours out His Spirit on His People in Acts 2 (see especially verse 37-38). In Jesus, God’s people can receive the New Heart that he promised them in Ezekiel 36. This is how God overcomes our sinful, hard heart toward Him – by the plan of the Father, the obedient sacrifice of the Son, and the transforming work of the Spirit. God can change your heart to be soft and molded by His Word.

Let’s praise God that He can change hard hearts. Let’s ask Him to soften our hearts toward him and turn us away from sin.

Reaction Activity

  • Let’s sing New Again together as a family.
  • Let’s enjoy our cookies!/li>
  • Let’s thank God for working all through history to soften our hearts and to conquer our sin!
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