The Fall

Let’s get your family together and continue our journey through the Westminster Confession (for this devotion, you will need your Bible, a glass of water, and some food coloring):

Let’s take a moment for an illustration. See this glass of water? It’s clear and clean…it’s also water so it is, of course, wet. Now, let’s add some food coloring and see what happens. Do you see how the food coloring doesn’t just stay in one area, but impacts the WHOLE glass of water [you may want to speed up the diffusion of color by stirring]. This is exactly the way the first sin impacted us all. Sin didn’t just affect one small area of our lives. It impacted us totally… meaning in every way. It changed our hearts and set them in rebellion against God. It changed our minds and made them selfish instead of centered on God and others. It changed our emotions, our will, and our standing with God. BUT, see how the water is still wet. It is still water. We still have God’s image and the Bible tells us that we still exist for a relationship with God.

Let’s read Romans 5:12-21 together. We see that sin came to us all through the one man Adam. Adam’s sin caused us all to fall in him, but we all equally choose sin ourselves. This is because the Fall has totally infected us. But God gives us great news in that through One Man’s obedience the effects of the Fall can be undone.

Remember how the water was still water even though it had TOTALLY been changed? Well, Jesus shows us that it is possible to be human and not sin… in fact, as we learned a couple weeks ago, that is what we were created for! Jesus makes that possible again. If you join Jesus in faith and repentance, then there will come a Day when we will be fully like him. Read 1 John 3:2-3.

Let’s praise God that though we are totally fallen, Jesus is reversing the curse of sin!

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