The Great Exchange

Let’s get your family together and continue our journey through the Westminster Confession (for this devotion, you will need your Bible, and this wonderful scene from the classic film The Sandlot):

Have you ever traded something with someone? Usually you try to trade something good for something good. Have you ever been a part of a bad trade? Let’s watch this clip from The Sandlot. Was this a good trade? More for one side than the other! But did the old man feel cheated? No, he offered the trade knowing exactly what he was doing!

This is a lot like what God offers to us in justification. Justification means to legally declare something to be righteous. To say it simpler Justification makes me “just as though I’d never sinned.” How does God do this? He trades! He makes a trade that is great for us, but costs Him dearly.

Let’s start by reading 2 Corinthians 5:18-21 together. Why don’t we repeat 5:21 together. “For our sake He made Him to be sin who knew no sin, so that in Him we might become the righteousness of God.” What does that mean? God sent His Son Jesus into the world to live a fully human life. He obeyed God perfectly at every moment in His life. He loved God perfectly with all His soul, heart, mind, and strength. God was well pleased with Jesus (Matthew 3:17). But then God had Jesus delivered over to sinful men (like you and me) who totured Jesus, mocked Him, and nailed Him to a cross where He bled and died. At this scene God laid upon Jesus all the sin of His people. Jesus suffered the just punishment for sin that we deserve – God’s wrath.

Jesus bore every bit of our punishment on that cross, and He did it so that those who unite themselves to Him in faith (Gal. 3:13-14) can become “the righteousness of God.” What is true of Jesus is true of those who are united to Him in faith. Jesus is God’s “Son with whom He is well-pleased” and guess what? If you are united to Jesus in faith, that is true of you as well! God made a trade that was a greater trade than any other in the history of the world: His Son for us. We call this “The Great Exchange.” Have you united yourself to Jesus in repentance and faith? Why not today?

Let’s praise God that He wisely and graciously provided us with a perfect trade so that we could be called “well-pleasing sons.”

Reaction Activity

  • Let’s sing Not In Me together as a family.
  • Let’s thank God for offering His own Son for us!
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