The Long Arc of God's Promise

Let’s get your family together and continue our journey through the Westminster Confession (for this devotion, you will need your Bible and a Road Map/Travel book):

Let’s take a moment to think back on a family trip we took, or maaaaaybe let’s plan our next family vacation together. When you plan a trip (at least if you want some order in your life) you spend time deciding and scheduling and planning and packing and researching. You don’t go from point A to B without some sort of plan – at least not if you want to enjoy yourself. Have you ever been on a poorly planned trip? [I have!] How did that pan out? Did you know that God immediately made a promise to save His people when they committed the first sin?

Let’s start by reading Genesis 3:15 together. God responded to Adam and Eve’s rebellion by pronouncing a judgment upon the serpent and upon them. But he actually makes a promise to Eve in the middle of all of this that she will have a child who will triumph over the serpent! This means that God gives a word of salvation through His judgment. And we see Eve begin to take hope in this promise as we see her response to the birth of Seth in Gen. 4:25-26 (and see Lamech’s hope that Noah would be the promised son to reverse the curse in 5:29).

And just like the planning of a trip, God’s promise has a destination! Let’s read Galatians 3:16 together. You see the promise to Eve came to Abraham and eventually…and finally to Jesus! That is good news! God’s plans could not be destroyed by sin, or human error, or by Satan (that dirty, old serpent). God accomplishes every one of His promises to His people in Jesus.

Let’s close our devotional time by reading 1 Corinthians 1:20. Let’s praise God for keeping every one of His promises.

Reaction Activity

  • Watch and learn to sing God Always Keeps His Promises together.
  • Ask your kiddos to think of the many different promises from God and see how many of them are answered in Jesus.
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