The "Onlies"

Let’s get your family together and continue our journey through the Westminster Confession (for this devotion, you will need your Bible):

Let’s do a quick, fun activity about learning what trust is. A trust fall is when you stand in front of me, close you eyes and then fall backward without bending anything (knees, hips, etc.), totally trusting that I will catch you before you hit the ground. If you don’t trust and bend your body to catch yourself, you actually make it harder for me to catch you. Whatever you do, fall in the right direction!

You can say that you trust me, but that “faith” in my catching you isn’t actually faith until you act on it. Did you know that our faith in Christ is the same way? If my actions don’t back up my faith that Jesus is Lord, then do I really believe that He is?

Let’s start by reading all of Joshua 2 together. Rahab had heard about the true God and that He protected His people. Rahab believed that God would deliver Jericho into His people’s hands. We know that Rahab believed this because she put her life on the line for it! She protected God’s people who were there to scout out the land. She kept them safe from her own king so that God would become her king. If the king found out that she had hid the Israelite spies, then Rahab would have been killed. But she also trusted that God was good and would keep His Word to Rahab that her life would be spared.

Rahab had faith in God because her faith was not just a declaration of faith, but it actually drove her to act on it. We actually see Rahab again in Hebrews 11, and God tells us there that Rahab had such great faith that she is listed alongside of the greatest of God’s people! If we believe Jesus is God and that He atones for our Sin and that He is Lord of all, then our life will look like we believe these things. If Jesus is Lord and He tells us what to do, think, and love in His Word, then we do, think, and love exactly what our Master tells us to!

Let’s ask God to help us to have a true faith – faith that is shown in our action!

Reaction Activity

  • Let’s sing Speak, Oh Lord together again today as a family.
  • Let’s thank God for the examples of faith (“the cloud of witnesses) that we have in Hebrews 11.
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