Totally God, Totally Man

Let’s get your family together and continue our journey through the Westminster Confession (for this devotion, you will need your Bible, and some measuring cups [maybe consider making cookies]):

Let’s measure out some ingredients to make cookies together. Now let’s ask a question, can we fill up this measuring cup to 200% full? No, you can’t! But all these ingredients together make something more than just themselves! Man isn’t God. Man cannot become God. But if God wanted to become man, He is able to do it! This means He could be fully God and fully man, 200%. And He would be something greater than just a man himself. He would be God incarnate. This is kind of like saying He is God with skin on…but it’s better: Jesus is human just like us, but He’s more than just a mere man…He’s God.

Let’s start by reading Mark 2:1-12 together. Everyone knew that Jesus was different from anyone who ever walked the earth before. They gathered around Him to hear His teaching and to see what miracles He would perform. Four friends just KNEW that Jesus had the power to heal their lame friend. And so in order to get to Jesus through the crowd, they open a hole in the roof in order to lower their friend down to Jesus. And Jesus’ first words to the man aren’t “You’re healed.” No! What does Jesus say to him? That’s right, he forgives the mans sins.

Now, you cannot forgive a sin that was committed against someone else.That would make you sound silly. Try it. Tell your mom that you forgive her for those things she did to her brother when she was ten. Would that work? NO! Everyone knew that only God could forgive sins committed against God, and so everyone immediately realized that Jesus was saying that the lame man’s sins were committed against Him because HE IS GOD! And when the scribes were thinking this very thing, Jesus responds by demonstrating that He can also heal sickness because HE IS GOD! Jesus proved to everyone that He is fully God and fully man, 200%.

Why did Jesus become a man? Let’s close by reading Hebrews 2:14-15. Jesus became a man to stand in man’s place of Judgment at the cross.

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