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Feb 19, 2017
The High Price of Doing Business
Jim Andrews, Pastor
Followers of Jesus can falter, even fall, but in the end they all nish!
Matthew 10:32-39
Feb 12, 2017
Selling Out as Followers of Jesus
Jim Andrews, Pastor
Real utility for Christ always begins with real availability to Christ.
Luke 5:1-11
Feb 5, 2017
Our Calling: Following Jesus!
Jim Andrews, Pastor
Following Jesus is not ambiguous; it is pretty much clear as crystal. When you go looking for disciples of Jesus, if they really are His followers, you won't need to resort to social archeology to surface them; their convictions and behaviors have a way of announcing them. That is a good thing!"
John 10:22-30
Jan 29, 2017
It’s Sunday Morning! God is here; where are you?
John Dotson
Corporate worship is never optional, but it is absolutely essential. Because when we come together to worship God then our personal faith is grounded and re-invigorated.
John 4:1-26

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    The Finality of Jesus Christ by Jim Andrews and Juli Grose

    The Finality of Jesus Christ

    “Is there really only one way to God?” Many people love to challenge Christians with that question! Was Jesus mistaken when He claimed to be “… the way, the truth and the life?”