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Heart to Heart: A Women’s Bible Study

Date: Tuesday mornings, September 12, 2017 until May 15, 2018
Time: 9:30 am to 11:30 am
Cost: $75 (September-May) or $35 Fall Session only, $40 Spring Session only
Childcare: Free children’s program for infants through Pre-K – registration required

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Register for a session and pay online for study materials. We use PayPal to securely process payments, but you do not need a PayPal account to make a payment. When you click “Pay Using PayPal,” simply provide your credit and debit card information. If you prefer, you may register online and pay for study materials in person.

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Hand In Hand Children’s Program

A Bible-based morning of friendship and fun is provided for infants through Pre-Kindergarten children. Our Hand in Hand team is a group of amazing women who will love your children and teach them God’s word while you’re learning and growing with others in your group.  All volunteers are screened prior to being admitted to any classroom.

Serving in Hand to Hand

Do you enjoy children or feel an urgency to help weave God’s Word into their hearts and lives? Consider serving in our Hand in Hand children’s program from 9–11 am and attending a Bible study together from 11:30–1 pm. You are impacting young lives that are open to learning about God while having the opportunity to grow in your relationship with Christ yourself. It’s a win-win opportunity!

A simple screening process is required prior to being placed in a classroom. Contact Sharon Van Slyke, 503-699-9840, or for more information.

Fall Session (September 12 -December 12)

Hebrews 11 Pam Gillaspie

Hebrews 11

Author: Pam Gillaspie

The Hall of Faith, Hebrews 11, is a look at some of the best faith champions in the Old Testament.  In this inductive study, we’ll not only catch a glimpse of who these individuals were but will get a more comprehensive understanding of what faith meant and looked like as they lived it out.  These biblical truths will truly be sweeter than chocolate and will encourage us in our own daily walk.

Winter Session (January 9 -May 8, 2018)

Option 1

An Unexplainable Life
Acts 1-12

Author: Erica Wiggenhorn

Can you explain your life apart from God?  Most of us live a mere shadow of what God is calling us to.  This inductive study of Acts shows us what life can be when lived in the power of God.  Dig deep into scripture and be challenged by it to become more of who we are meant to be as we look at the wonder and devotion of the early church.  Live this unexplainable life for His glory!

Option 2

Precept Upon Precept:  Genesis, Part 3
Becoming a Friend of the Faithful God

Author: Kay Arthur

Abraham was called “the friend of God.” This study of Chapters 11-22 will provide opportunities to look at and learn from his life, faith, and relationship with God.  Find your own faith a little more grounded, your walk challenged, and your hope for the future renewed as you open the pages of Old Testament scripture to the book of Genesis and explore the life of Abraham.

Option 3

Lasting Truth for Trending Questions

Author: Jeremiah J. Johnston

We live in a skeptical age and culture that asks difficult questions.  They desperately need to know Jesus but how do we answer their questions from a foundation of faith in a way that is convincing and knowledgeable?  This study will show us how to answer explain, and respond to six of life’s toughest questions.  Be encouraged as you grow in a thinking faith that enables you to communicate confidently.

Summer Session  (June 5 – July 10)

Why Do You Believe That?
A Faith Conversation

Author:  Mary Jo Sharp

Do you feel confident expressing your Christian beliefs and taking about matters of faith?  This study will help us build a firmer foundation in our faith, be practically equipped, and take some of the fear out of sharing our faith.  It will help answer your own questions, build your confidence and change your life as you step out in faith to share the Good News of Jesus Christ.