Build people up in Christ.
Send them out for Christ.
Bring people to Christ.

Heart to Heart: A Women’s Bible Study

Date: Tuesday mornings
Time: 9:30 am to 11:30 am
Cost: $75 (September-May) or $30 Fall Session only, $45 Spring Session only; $20 Summer Session
Childcare: Free children’s program for infants through Pre-K – registration required

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Register for a session and pay online for study materials. We use PayPal to securely process payments, but you do not need a PayPal account to make a payment. When you click “Pay Using PayPal,” simply provide your credit and debit card information. If you prefer, you may register online and pay for study materials in person.

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Hand In Hand Children’s Program

A Bible-based morning of friendship and fun is provided for infants through Pre-Kindergarten children. Our Hand in Hand team is a group of amazing women who will love your children and teach them God’s word while you’re learning and growing with others in your group. All volunteers are screened prior to being admitted to any classroom.

Serving in Hand to Hand

Do you enjoy children or feel an urgency to help weave God’s Word into their hearts and lives? Consider serving in our Hand in Hand children’s program from 9–11 am and attending a Bible study together from 11:30–1 pm. You are impacting young lives that are open to learning about God while having the opportunity to grow in your relationship with Christ yourself. It’s a win-win opportunity!

A simple screening process is required prior to being placed in a classroom. Contact Sharon Van Slyke, 503-699-9840, or for more information.

Fall Session (September 11th -December 11th)

His Last Words Book Cover

His Last Words What Jesus Taught and Prayed in His Final Hours

Author: Kim Erickson
Jesus’ last words to His disciples are found in John 13-17. They revealed what mattered most and are just as valuable now as they were then. This inductive study that will allow us to draw close to the heart of Jesus and experience the love of God.  His Word will change us, inspire us, and enable us to spread the Gospel. Join us!

Winter Session (January 15th-May 7th)

Option 1

Who Do You Say That I Am? Book Cover

Who Do You Say That I Am? A Fresh Encounter for Deeper Faith

Author: Becky Harling
Jesus asked profound questions, one of which was “who do you say I am?” This question has echoed through the ages as each of us have had to personally address it at one time or another. In this class we will search the New Testament to get a better understanding of who Jesus said He was as we study His ‘I Am’ statements. This group study will be supported by sermon videos by R.C. Sproul, John MacArthur, and Alistair Begg.

Option 2

Precept Upon Precept Book Cover

Precept Upon Precept: Luke, Part 2 (Chapters 17-24) Jesus, the Savior of Sinners

Author: Kay Arthur
What happens when Jesus, knowing crucifixion awaits Him, prepares to enter Jerusalem? How does He spend those final days? Handle His adversaries? What does He teach in the temple? And what happens when Jesus dies and rises from the dead? These are important facts we need to know for ourselves, precepts for life that will prepare us for what lies ahead, and equip us to fulfill His calling on our lives.

Option 3

What Matters Most Book Cover

What Matters Most A Study of Philippians

Author: Karen Ehman
Paul’s letter to the Philippians shows we can discover contentment and joy no matter what is going on in our lives. Despite the fact that our world has always been full of trials, disappointments, temptations, broken friendships we can find rest in the peace of Christ.  We can reset negative patterns of thinking, adopt the attitude of Jesus, and find our life transformed as His work banishes our anxiety and worry.  Learn how to live out what matters most.

Summer Session  (June 4 – July 8)

Jonah Book Cover

Jonah The Depths of Grace

Author: Stephen Witmer                                                                                                                                                                                    When it comes to familiar Bible stories “Jonah and the whale’ is among those at the top of the list, but while it may be known in name its message is possibly one of the most ignored.  It’s a story about storms and sailors, rebellion and rescue, preaching and protest.  Most of all this is a story about God, the depths of His grace, His compassion for the lost, and His patience with His wayward people.