Bridge Ministry

What is the Bridge Ministry?

Therefore, encourage one another and build each other up. Just as you are doing.I Thessalonians 5:11

Bridge Ministry is devoted to providing home visits for members of the Lake Bible family who are unable to attend church services, short term or long term, to help them stay connected.

How you can assist the Bridge Ministry

Helping the elderly who cannot attend church.

An effective bridge ministry relies on your help:

  • Let us know about people in our Lake Bible family who are unable to attend church and would benefit from a home visit.
  • Come join our home visit team to bless and encourage those members.

What is a Bridge home visit?

Praying together

A time to:

  • Have a devotion or a one-on-one Bible study
  • Pray together
  • Fellowship and build relationships
  • Be an encouragement
  • Help with physical needs
  • Provide an update on the ministries and ongoing activities at Lake
  • Determine needs that can be met by the Lake Bible family
Michele Dollar