Use the buttons below as a convenient tool to support the work and outreach of Lake Bible Church. Though the church pays fees related to these transactions, we realize that checks and cash are not an option for those desiring to faithfully support our church during this time.

Many banks provide services such as online bill pay which can be used to make direct donations to Lake. If you have access to these services at your bank, please consider using this method as there are typically no fees associated with these transactions. Many banks will mail a check on your behalf which will save the cost of the check and the postage. Please check with your banking institution to see what options they offer.

We thank you for your faithfulness in whatever giving method works best for you.

Tithes and Offerings

Tithes and offerings are used for the general mission of the church including building maintenance, teaching resources, pastoral salaries, outreach, and missionary support. Without these gifts, Lake would not function in its current form. God is sovereign and He has and continues to work through His people to provide these financial resources.

Deacons’ Fund

Gifts to Deacons’ Fund are used to support individuals physical needs in the church and, when possible, in the community. As one would expect, this includes “widows and orphans,” but also individuals who have suffered financial hardship.