Sunday Morning Worship Service 9:30 AM

The Worship Ministry at Lake Bible Church seeks to equip our people to live lives that place Jesus Christ first in heart, mind, and action and maximize our passion for God and His greatness. Our church currently gathers to worship God on Sunday, and scatters the rest of the week to glorify Him wherever He has placed us.


“Worship” is the term we use to cover all the acts of the heart, mind, and body that express the infinite worth of God and give Him glory. This general term is made more specific in our “worship services.” The most important aspect of our worship is studying the Word of God. We also sing songs, bring offerings, partake in communion, practice baptism, and hear testimonies. Upon hearing God’s Word, we seek to reorient our lives based on His infinite worth.


Bible Saturation

We claim the Bible as the final authority and ultimate resource for building a Scriptural worship ministry. The content of our singing, praying, welcoming, and preaching will always conform to the truth of God’s word (2 Timothy 3:16).

Head and Heart

Our worship services seek to combine clear thinking about spiritual truth and authentic emotions towards God. (Matthew 22:37).

Contemporary Without Compromise

We encourage vibrant and expressive worship that magnifies the Lord, seeking God-honoring excellence in every aspect of our ministry. While appreciating history, we are committed to relevant forms of worship and ministry that corresponds to what God is doing in our current generation and culture (Psalm 40: 3, 98:1, 149:1). We use a variety of instruments and artistic elements while standing firm on the foundation of Jesus Christ and the Word.

Serving in Worship

Do you have gifts you’d be willing to share? Learn more about the different Areas of Service within the worship ministry.