Mission & Beliefs

Lake, a church where people care and truth matters. That is our heartbeat.

If you are looking for a church home or simply need a place to worship when traveling we’d love to have you join us. We are located in Lake Oswego and worship via Sunday school Classes at 9 AM and Main Worship at 10:45 on Sunday Mornings.

Our Mission: To be Pleasing to God and Bring Him Great Glory!

We believe the mission of our church is best expressed as follows:

Build People up in Christ; Send People out for Christ; So, that they may ever increasingly Bring People to Christ all to the glory of God!

Our Vision

At Lake, we are seeking to be:

  • A sustaining sanctuary for the spiritually deprived and depleted
  • A beacon of truth and charity shining in the surrounding darkness
  • An intellectual armory for equipping the saints for service
  • A staging area for the rescue of the lost

Our Convictions: What We Believe

For Lake Bible Church, the Scriptures are the final authority in all matters of our faith and practice. Accordingly, the following statements reflect our beliefs:

  • The reality of one God, eternally existing in three persons, Father, Son and Holy Spirit
  • The true deity and true humanity of the Son, Jesus Christ
  • The empowering presence of the Holy Spirit indwelling all believers
  • The universal need of personal salvation from the penalty and power of sin
  • God’s gracious provision of redemption through faith alone in Christ and His atoning death
  • The necessity of personal appropriation of this provision by faith and sole object of saving faith
  • The bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead on the third day
  • The physical return of Jesus Christ to earth to judge the wicked and to reign in righteousness and true justice
  • The physical resurrection and ultimate glorification of His people

More About Lake

Lake is a family that reaches out; seeking to draw others into a right relationship with God. We want to share in the joy and fulfillment found in knowing and serving His Son, Jesus Christ. Lake people are a family that are real and down-to-earth and loves authenticity.

In a post-modern generation that has all but abandoned the pursuit of truth, we affirm the truth. We believe that what the Bible teaches, God teaches. We want biblical truth to collide with the heart and transform every aspect of your life.

We are a God-centered people and seek to discover what pleases God and then do it. Our vision is to be a church with a mega-impact, without trying to get bigger, just better:

  • Better people in our relationships
  • Better disciples in all our decision-making
  • Better witnesses for Jesus Christ