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The Emperor Has No Clothes, But Who is Watching?

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The Emperor Has No Clothes, But Who is Watching?

Evolution is a faith, not a fact. And a pretty naked one at that.

History has now reversed itself. It is the cult of scientism that is these days opposing reason and obstructing the search for natural truth by threatening the careers of those who may break ranks with its blind dogmatism. It is the Church that pleads for academic freedom for doubters of scientific orthodoxy and wants to set educators and young brains free to think outside the creaking creed of Darwinism.

Why is the cult of scientism so militant and shrill in its opposition to biblical faith in a Creator? Essentially, they simply hate the idea of God.

And why is that?

One, they themselves like to pose as god-like minds who defeat all mysteries. In their pride they do not want to have to bow themselves humbly before a Creator.

Two, they do not want to be accountable to God. So, in every way they can, they try to convince themselves He is not there, and it helps somehow if they can succeed in convincing everyone who matters of the same thing. Denial loves the comfort of a lot of company. So as long as they can construct clever theories that make God an unnecessary supposition, they can dupe themselves somewhat into the illusion that He is not there and they will not have to give account to Him. In fact, a well known New York psychiatrist some years ago was even honest enough to say frankly that he didn’t want there to be a God. And those who don’t want God to exist will always be able to find sufficient excuses to rule Him out of existence.

And their extreme shrillness in opposition to the idea of divine creationism and rabid policing of academic opinion fairly shouts the deep insecurity of their construct.

But this dam of lies will not hold forever. The more we learn about the material and animate world, the more absurd the Darwinian construct appears to any mind blessed with common sense. It is one of those theories that is so absurd on the face of it that, as someone said, “it is so stupid that only a hare-brained intellectual could come up with and other hare-brained intellectuals could possibly accredit.” Sooner or later, the harsh facts will build up behind the dam and cause it to give way to the force of contradiction, and then the God-haters will have to scramble to find an escape route from the God who keeps stalking them with reality. I predict that by mid-century, if not sooner, Darwinism will be an academic joke, like a flat earth theory, and relegated at last to that overflowing trash bin of discarded science. People will look back and marvel that it withstood serious intellectual scrutiny as long as it did.

Still, science, if people have not lost “the faith” by that time, which is entirely possible, will not then retreat from its folly and acknowledge God as Creator; it will just find some other novel, but equally wild theory, to insert in its place. It is hard to say what that theory might be, but you can be certain, whatever it turns out to be, it has to meet this test of acceptance as a credible theory—it removes any explanation that requires God as a presupposition.

The faithful, you see, are not looking for the truth; they are looking for an escape hatch. It’s not about the facts; it’s about a faith, a faith that worships man, especially scientific man, and relieves him of the burden of moral accountability; that allows him to make and change the rules at a whim; that allows him the privilege of worshiping his own shadow. That is what the whole game is about. It is not science, which is good, but scientism, which is a bad religion disguised as science.

The emperor has no clothes. Some scientists see it, others see it but are afraid to admit it lest their academic reputations get smeared and their careers derailed, and the common secular herd is oblivious. He is stark naked and one day many will wake up. Then, watch them run for cover like cockroaches when the lights come on.

“Who me? Oh, no, not me. I always had doubts about that nonsense.”

Yeah, sure, sure.

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