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Jan 17, 2021
Jim Andrews, Pastor
Matthew 15:21-28
A Woman Who Would Take ‘No’ for An Answer

The public face of faith in difficult times is perseverance. It may at times wobble or, weaken under extreme pressure, but at the end of the day by the grace of God, it does not give up or give out, but clings to the promises and power of God like a vine clinging to a rock.

Jan 10, 2021
Jim Andrews, Pastor
Matthew 15:1-20
True Religion: Not a Matter of Rites and Rules

The test of true religion starts with what is in the heart, not religious art; not with rites, but right; not with a flurry of solemn ceremonies, but simple, steadfast trust in Christ the Savior, not in lame posturing about distorted ideas of social justice, but in serious pursuit of personal holiness, not in gassing about sappy love, but in loving God’s children and joyously keeping His commandments.

Jan 3, 2021
Asa Hart
Who Can Endure?

2020 was a year no one will soon forget. But it wasn’t the worst year in history, and it wasn’t even the worst thing that could happen to you. Bad years, disasters, and pandemics are alarms waking us up from our silly stupors, shouting to us: "Run to Christ for refuge!"

Dec 27, 2020
Jim Andrews, Pastor
Matthew 14:22-33
The Perfect Storm

When God sends us into a storm, it is never to overwhelm our faith, but to strengthen it in scope and scale and to enlarge our conception of Him. If in the process He gently rebukes the smallness of our faith, be sure also that He graciously embraces the fact of it.

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