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Oct 2, 2022
John Dotson
Revelation 2:1-9
What’s Love Got To Do With It?

What does the Lord desire of us? In his booklet, “My Heart, Christ’s Home”, Robert Munger compares the human spiritual heart to a house with many rooms. The room that always interests me most is the living room. In this room the Lord would meet daily with the resident discussing what matters most, the Bible and life. In the beginning the resident was present daily greatly enjoying being with the Lord. However over time, life started interfering with this time.

One day the resident walked by the room and saw the Lord just sitting there alone. Embarrassed, the resident approached Jesus asking Him how long He had been there. “Everyday,” the Lord answered, “waiting for you.” Jesus goes on and replies, “The trouble is that you have been thinking of the quiet time, of Bible study and prayer, as a means for your own spiritual growth. This is true, but you have forgotten that this time means something to me also. Remember, I love you. At a great cost I have redeemed you. I value your fellowship. Just to have you look up into my face warms my heart. Don’t neglect this hour, if only for my sake. Whether or not you want to be with me, remember I want to be with you. I really love you!” What does Jesus want? Your love.

Munger, Robert Boyd. My Heart — Christ’s Home (IVP Booklets) (pp. 12-13). InterVarsity Press. Kindle Edition.

Sep 25, 2022
Jim Andrews, Pastor
John 4:1-42
The Joy of Divine Engagements

The more we are invested in divine engagements the more one experiences the adventure of divine appointments.

Sep 18, 2022
Jim Andrews, Pastor
John 3:31-36
Who is the Person Anyway?

Logically anyone who professes to trust in God must trust in Jesus Christ. The issue is not theism versus atheism. One can be a theist and have no saving relationship with Jesus, the Son of God. Press the issue, it is trust in Jesus or it is nothing.

Sep 11, 2022
Jim Andrews, Pastor
John 3:22-30
A Great Man Who Got It

There is no place for personality cult and celebrity worship in the ranks of Christianity. It blurs our message and blunts mission time and again as egotistic leaders and misguided churches vie for the spotlight. We must always remember that we are all about Christ and no one or nothing else.

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