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May 26, 2019
The Heart of the Matter
Jim Andrews, Pastor
No matter how great the sin, if the sinner finds it in his heart to truly repent, God always finds it in His heart to totally forgive.
Psalm 51
May 19, 2019
Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
Jim Andrews, Pastor
The scale of many our worries and woes would be greatly reduced if only we could get a better sense of human transience.
Psalm 39
May 12, 2019
Now is the Year of the the Lord's Prayer
Asa Hart
Luke 19:1-10
May 5, 2019
A Very Present Help in Time of Trouble
Jim Andrews, Pastor
When we look at our troubles and see ourselves as we are, we tend to get all stirred up; when we look at our troubles, and see God as He is, we are able to chill out.
Psalm 46

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