A Pastoral View on Voting

Recently a few people have invited my pastoral advice about the upcoming elections. As strong as my own convictions are, it is neither my policy or inclination to go there as your pastor. But in principle there is pastoral advice applicable to any election that I could and should impart.

As Christians we should vote christianly. I.e. our votes should reflect our Christian ideals, principles and interests as far as possible. I always ask myself four questions and the answers dictate my votes:

  • Which candidates or positions best align with my biblical worldview?
  • What candidate appears more sympathetic to Christian principles and ideals?
  • Which candidates appear more likely to give us an open mind and friendly ear?
  • Where public issues are concerned, which outcomes promise to make things better rather than worse?

Sometimes the answers may not be obvious. However given the radical ideological polarization between Christianity and the secular left and the accelerating moral drift we are witnessing in this country, and taking note of those who seem most intent on pushing us in godless directions, if we still cannot figure out where most of this evil influence is coming from, in my pastoral opinion we are not safe to vote.

My advice is not to get in bed with any politician or political party. Rare is the one who will not at some point betray your trust. And history shows all too well that when churches and pastors embrace power of any stripe, corruption in the former is always the end result.

Politicians, like their respective parties, tend to be chameleons, changing colors as the need arises. Frankly the big agenda of most on either side of the aisle is getting elected (or re-elected), not doing what is right, if they even know what is right, which in all too many instances seems doubtful.

Our relationship to Christ trumps all other interests. Let our voting reflect where our social vision and values lay. Otherwise the Cause will pay.

Jim Andrews Senior Pastor