Why I am Posting This (Long) Paper

As your pastor I feel the pressure always to try to keep on top of what is going on ‘out there,’ to not live in an intellectual cocoon, but to be more or less on top issues (moral, social, political) that have a bearing on our Christian life, witness, mission and worldview. Some things I have addressed before, but changing times and circumstances move me to think it is time for a re-run to make sure our people, if they are not already, are informed.

For example, an interest behind and driving so many of these political far left issues, including the BLM movement, is, of all things, the quest for unbounded sexual ‘freedom.” I call it the desire for sexual anarchy.

Several decades ago, when I was reading Paul Johnson, British historian (Intellectuals), it dawned on me. Virtually every modern figure he sketched in that wonderful work, though it was not his intention to call attention to this fact, was behind the scenes a sexual deviate. Then it hit me forcefully: whatever these folks are widely known for and are supposed to be all about, disguises the fact that underneath, almost to a person (as I recall), they were sexually twisted and driven.

In the decades since nothing has changed that perception. Even this BLM movement, when one reads their formal statement of purpose, (which I have) is not really about saving black lives. Actually, the movement is pretty much a cover for their Marxist philosophy and their broader agenda is dismantling all our traditional norms related to the nuclear family and sexual boundaries. What these folks say publicly is one thing; what their agenda is privately is to tear down those traditional norms, which of course were derived from a biblical worldview.

The only other person I know of who also made this connection was the late D. James Kennedy. That link gets overlooked regularly, so it is so important to understand it as a significant root of all the turmoil taking place today.

Of course, when we talk about the drive and pressure to create space for sexual anarchy (complete freedom from all boundaries, biblical or otherwise), it evokes the determination to morally normalize the practice of homosexuality (and putting God’s Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval on the whole alphabet of sexual perversities).

And in the process, knowing that our Christian worldview stands out like the Empire State Building in opposition to that whole deviant lifestyle, they then go into Scripture twisting mode to make it appear (to the ignorant and those just wanting an excuse to buy their propaganda) that actually the supposed biblical testimony against this sin is either sketchy or distorted. And the confusion begins.

Recently a lady told me that she has heard comments that homosexuality is only mentioned “in one place in the Bible,” as if only one condemnation lessens its moral force. However, that statement is flat out wrong. Then you will hear that the sin of Sodom was not homosexuality at all, but inhospitality! Oh, my goodness. And the favorite, the claim of genetic determinism or “God made me this way!” Evidently, God’s words and works were not on the same page.

So, if you want to know the impetus for me posting this particular paper, there you have the context. I will not allow this sort of deceit to go uncontested, at least in our church. So many pastors and churches are giving in, afraid of the backlash, wanting to conform to the cultural drift and avoid getting marginalized and seen as social pariahs. To cave and live outside the boundaries to the truth is the surest way to irrelevance and extinction that I know.

Read The Bible and Homosexuals: Rescuing the Biblical Teaching from Gay Propaganda.

Jim Andrews
Senior Pastor
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