How to Vote

In my opinion this upcoming election cycle is the most fateful in American history, at least in my lifetime. I would not presume to tell my congregants whom to vote for but will simply confine my counsel to how to vote.

In view of the upcoming elections, and some issues and potential outcomes that have a direct bearing on public welfare and in which our Christian faith and biblical values have a momentous stake, let me first urge all of you as citizens to exercise your constitutional privilege and duty to vote.

Secondly, let me admonish all of you on all occasions to vote as Christians rather than partisans of any political party. Frankly neither party can be trusted with our Christian conscience and values. Both parties and most politicians of any stripe love power more than they love principle.

Let us not be naÏve about this, but understand that when push comes to shove, few politicians will sacrifice the power and prestige of high office to the thankless service of noble principles and sound morals.

As Christians, our primary loyalty is neither to country nor to party. Our first allegiance is to Christ&mdsh;to His will and His ways. So, when we come to the polls, we are obliged at all times to vote as Christians, wherever that takes us. Vote for whomever—Democrat, Republican or independent candidate—you believe is most sympathetic with and supportive of a Christian worldview. Vote for whomever or whatever measures are most compatible with our Christian convictions and values.

That is crucial. To betray our faith at the polls is to dishonor God and a disservice to the work of Christ in this society.

As your pastor and spiritual leader, I remind you that in this election as in no other in my memory, the very moral (and political) foundations of this country are threatened, directly or indirectly. If we as Christians knowingly support measures or endorse candidates who espouse ideas and champion causes that run diametrically counter to our biblical worldview and would subvert all that Christ stands for, I can only say, we will give account to God and we will richly deserve the awful demise I fear awaits our country in the 21st century short of a national revival.

Jim Andrews
Senior Pastor
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