Does God Exist

Does God Exist?

Can a rabbit make a watch with a monkey wrench? Can a convulsion in a wrecking yard create a computer chip? Can an explosion in a printing shop create an encyclopedia? Have you ever seen any unintelligent power or force create an intelligent being?

The answer to all these questions is obvious. Of course not. Yet the possibility of such things happening is incalculably more likely that the whole realm of nature in all its marvelous order, immeasurable complexity and amazing interdependence could result from any source less than God.

You will notice that those who in extolling the marvels of nature, will talk in reverential tones about the uncanny powers of nature as if it were God. If they can’t say God did it, they must invent as term such as Nature to avoid that admission. But nature has no mind of its own. All its powers and endowments are created, not inherent. For if it is intelligent, then it is personal and it is God after all and if it is unintelligent, then there is no sensible way to account for it.

The more reasonable question is, “How can God not exist?” If you walked into a house and found everything neat and in order, the color scheme brilliantly coordinated, would you assume those conditions were the result of a human presence or a blind tornado?

“The fool has said in his heart, ‘There is no God.’” Psalm 14.1