How Is Christianity Different Than Any Other Religion?

How Is Christianity Different Than Any Other Religion?


Radically, in almost every way except superficial trappings (holding religious meetings and performing certain ceremonies or rituals).

Of course the answer is complicated by what today passes for ‘Christianity’, for there is more than one pretender for the title. In responding to this question, we are talking about that contemporary Christianity which in doctrine most approximates historical (apostolic) or orthodox Christianity, not gross mutations that bear the name but deny many if not all of its cardinal teachings.

Our list will not be exhaustive but simply illustrative of significant unshared ground.

No other contemporary religion identifies or defines the human condition and radical predicament of man the way it really is. E.g. the Scriptures teach that all mankind is utterly vacant of any goodness or righteousness that would commend people to God or merit them acceptance in His sight. (Romans 3.10-18)

As for his predicament the Scriptures teach that all humans are estranged from their Creator from birth by a sin-corrupted nature as a result of the fall of their original parents, Adam and Eve. (Genesis 3) Since the wages of sin is death (Romans 6.23) and we all by nature are “children of wrath” (Ephesians 2.3), we all, unless we avail ourselves of God gracious redemptive offer in Christ, are destined for everlasting damnation.

No other religion postulates the human problem in a way that reconciles realistically with life as we know it in the streets, that is, offers a coherent theological explanation that gives a full account of the origin of death, disease, disaster, and the universal dysfunctionality of human kind through history.

Every other religion, if they even postulate a concept of ‘salvation’ or see the lack thereof as an issue, always proposes some program or ‘ladder’ of merit or human works as the means of gaining that end. Totally unique in this respect, the Scriptures teach that lost, sin- corrupted humans (none are exempt) are saved, if they are saved, “by the grace of God through faith (alone) through faith in Jesus Christ alone. (see Ephesians 2.8-10).

Christianity affirms that its founder, Jesus Christ, “is the way, the truth and the life,” that “no one comes to the Father except through Him.” John 14.6

Many religions have devout adherents. That is nothing unique. What is unique about Christianity is that it is the only religion on earth that produces changed lives, turning evil men into righteous men, hateful people into loving people, turning foolish people into wise ones, bringing light where there was darkness, creating joy where there was misery, giving peace where there was turmoil and chaos.

What other religion do you know that has turned immoral wretches into paragons of moral purity, turned vicious people into peacemakers, turned bitter and angry people into joyful and happy people, etc.? I know of none. That kind of change is nothing less than the work of God, who is its source.