Is There Really a Right and Wrong?

Is There Really a Right and Wrong?

It all depends. If there is no God who has revealed what is right and wrong, then, as the late Christian thinker, Francis Schaeffer once put it, one cannot say (with any moral assurance) that it is better to help a little ol’ lady across the street than to push her down in front of a car.” (parenthesis mine)

That is true. Move divine revelation out of the picture and all we are left with is moral speculation. Who is to say? The most powerful? The majority? The PC police? The state? Who?

Remove God from the picture and there are no binding moral rules except those that we agree to accept to prevent anarchy. All right and wrong becomes relative. Might becomes right sooner or later.

However, if we agree that God is there and that God has spoken, then His law is our compass. His moral Being is true north, as it were. Even if we are unwilling to accept His existence and acknowledge His revelation (the Holy Scriptures), that unbelief doesn’t change the moral equation, if in fact He has spoken and we have in the Bible what He has told us.

Eliminate God and one not only loses the ultimate benchmark for right and wrong, but one also loses any anchor for human meaning and significance. All we can do is like an existentist just make it up as we go along, for whatever that is worth (not much to sensible people). Life is reduced to a comedy of the absurd. All this sweat for nothing. Like a worm we live only to die. Pitiful.