April 28th Sermon Discussion Questions

What really happened the day Christ was crucified?

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  1. You are sharing your faith with someone and you ask them, “what do you believe will happen to you when you die?” They response, “I believe I will go to heaven because I am basically a good person.” How would you respond to them?
  2. If someone did live a perfectly good life morally, would they merit God’s favor and be granted eternal life? Why or why not?
  3. Can someone pursue the Christian life faithfully; defend Christian doctrine fervently and accurately and serve Christ wholeheartedly; and still not be right with God (cf: Revelation 2:1-7)?
  4. What warning does this passage give us and how do we avoid this churches’ fate? In other words, how do we maintain a right relationship with God?
  5. What place do the spiritual disciplines; study, prayer and fellowship, have in maintaining a right relationship with God? When as with the church at Ephesus does duty and discipline become a hindrance in my relationship with God?
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