Care Group Questions

August 16th Sermon Discussion Questions

  1. Why do the Jewish leaders hate Paul so much? Is there a connection here to our lives?
  2. Luke keeps pointing out that Paul is persecuted by Law breakers while he is obeying the Law and embracing its fulfi llment in Jesus. If this is the case, then how should we think of the Old Testament Law as believers in Christ?
  3. Paul sincerely cries out to be heard in his testimony of Jesus. What does this mean for believers living in a politically fractured society?
  4. Jesus encourages Paul in the night. How might we fi nd encouragement from Christ in these dark days?

May 17th Sermon Discussion Questions

  1. In living out our faith what are two traps, which sometimes go together, that the unwary can fall into that destroy the force and even the fact of any true witness for Christ?
  2. Adhering to the word of God, rightly understood, is sometimes scorned as “legalism” by some who play fast and loose with the Scriptures. Define “legalism” in the sense Jesus and the apostles rejected.
  3. When is it sensible to maintain “traditions?” At what point do “traditions” undercut our witness and ministry?
  4. Can you think of any ‘traditions’ that you (or maybe some others) are very rigid or fastidious about that would be profitably discarded?

May 10th Sermon Discussion Questions

  1. How has suffering affected your view of God?
  2. Have you ever encountered the belief that if you are basically obedient to God he owes you a good life?
  3. Has someone ever placed an inaccurate yoke of guilt on you when you were beaten down by your suffering? How did that affect you?
  4. How does knowing (trusting) that God is all powerful, all good, and all knowing help you when you suffer?

May 3rd Sermon Discussion Questions

  1. How does one explain the seeming abruptness of Jesus’s calling of Matthew and Matthew’s immediate obedience to Jesus’s call? (Think background)
  2. Matthew had a lot of baggage that made him an interesting choice to be one of Jesus’s apostles. Fill in the blanks. What can we learn from his background and Jesus’s calling him to be one of his apostles that might enlighten and encourage us?
  3. Matthew’s immediate obedience to Jesus’s call (see also Luke 5:28) is instructive for all Jesus’ disciples? How so?
  4. Do you know believers who have made what some may consider ‘hard choices’ (in worldly terms) to follow Jesus?

April 26th Sermon Discussion Questions

  1. What does this narrative teach us about Jesus?
  2. How does this narrative enlighten us about faith?
  3. Explain the logic of Jesus in His exchange with the scribes?
  4. What can we learn from the opposite reactions of this miracle?

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