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September 15th Sermon Discussion Questions

The Mighty Mouth: Rule It or Rue It

Text: Proverbs 13:3

  1. Ponder James 3:6 (Word from the Pastor today). What does that say to you about the Mighty Mouth?
  2. Can you cite examples you have seen where the tongue used constructively or deconstructively?
  3. What proverbial truth should one always remember about gossips or folks who tell tales?
  4. How seriously should a church take tongues that are out of control?
  5. Do you think you perhaps have underestimated the ‘good’ that you can do with your tongue?

June 9th Sermon Discussion Questions

The Cure for Poor Me-ism

Text: Psalm 73

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  1. From your own spiritual ‘journey’ can any of you relate to that “grass greener on the other side of the fence” syndrome he here admits almost tripped him up? What was his great mistake in his mind-set?
  2. In practical, Monday morning terms how do we gain a grander, transforming vision of the glory of God? Where do we start?
  3. Compare Matthew 5:8 and Psalm 73:1b. Since we know no one (except Jesus himself) was ever totally ‘pure’ (i.e. spotless and unstained by sin) in heart, in biblical terms how are we to rightly understand this term? What did Jesus mean that the pure in heart “shall see God?”
  4. What are some basic truths we need always to understand about the Happy Valley life of the godless? I mean, realities that take the shine off?

May 26th Sermon Discussion Questions

The Heart of the Matter

Text: Psalm 51

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  1. Using the example of David, the author of Psalm 51, as our benchmark, a man had been guilty of egregious sin, how many times have you witnessed such full-throated repentance before God?
  2. What does the relative lack of such examples suggest to you? Why is that? What accounts for that?
  3. What is the relationship of repentance to faith?
  4. What is it that God really wants from us in dealing with our sins? See verses 16-17. What substitutes do people tend to offer?

May 12th Sermon Discussion Questions

Now is the Year of the the Lord's Prayer

Text: Luke 19:1-10

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  1. Can you personally relate to the emotional tension the psalmist describes in verses 1-2. Anything you don’t mind sharing?
  2. How does getting a better perspective of the brevity of life help us chill?
  3. What divine activity accounts for so many harsh or heavy things that come our way?
  4. In this psalm we encounter an awareness in the psalmist that is rare today? What is it?

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