June 9th Sermon Discussion Questions

The Cure for Poor Me-ism

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  1. From your own spiritual ‘journey’ can any of you relate to that “grass greener on the other side of the fence” syndrome he here admits almost tripped him up? What was his great mistake in his mind-set?
  2. In practical, Monday morning terms how do we gain a grander, transforming vision of the glory of God? Where do we start?
  3. Compare Matthew 5:8 and Psalm 73:1b. Since we know no one (except Jesus himself) was ever totally ‘pure’ (i.e. spotless and unstained by sin) in heart, in biblical terms how are we to rightly understand this term? What did Jesus mean that the pure in heart “shall see God?”
  4. What are some basic truths we need always to understand about the Happy Valley life of the godless? I mean, realities that take the shine off?
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