March 11th Sermon Discussion Questions

Profile of a True Disciple: Targeted for Righteousness’ Sake

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  1. In terms of this morning’s message, can you personally cite any instances where you believe you were targeted for being a disciple of Jesus? Have you seen instances where other believers were mistreated “for righteousness’ sake?”
  2. Why is it so ironic and self-condemning when non-believers harass and hate on believers just because they are disciples of Jesus?
  3. What did Pastor Jim mean when he said persecution in some form or other is a normative experience for disciples of Jesus? What is the scriptural basis for that statement?
  4. Why is it imperative that we look the prospect of religious persecution straight in the eye?
  5. What is it about Jesus and His disciples that sets the world’s pants on re? See John 3:16-21
  6. What is the great and grand good news in the bad news with respect to the prospect of religious persecution?
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