March 18th Sermon Discussion Questions

OK, So What Now Is Our Role on Planet Earth?

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  1. Salt has many uses, but in this passage Jesus has in view two valuable functions of salt that, metaphorically speaking, apply to our role in society as His disciples. What are they?
  2. How can we compromise our salinity (saltiness)? How can we maintain it?
  3. When Jesus tells His disciples that “you are the light of the world,” what did He mean? How do we get the lights on high beam?
  4. As a spiritual metaphor, what good bene ts does light bring to society?
  5. What historical evidence do we see that God’s people are the salt of the earth and the light of the world? In other words, mentally erase the people of God and His work through them from human society and think about what our world would look like in their absence. Consider the shape our society is taking now as the salt is losing much of its saltiness and the light of the truth is growing dimmer.
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