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November 5th Sermon Discussion Questions

True Religion, Pure and Simple

Text: Hebrews 13:9-16

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  1. False teaching has taken many different forms throughout church history – the forms we see today bear some resemblance to heresies churches have confronted in the past. As our author closes out his epistle, he warns the Hebrew Christians (again) of a certain form of deadly error that in principle still crops up today. Describe it in a phrase or sentence.
  2. Verse 13 mentions something that just comes with the territory of following Christ. Compare this with 2 Timothy 3:12. What do you think about those who try so hard in our culture to avoid offending the sensibilities of non-believers? At what point is such effort justified? At what point is it pointless and unjustified?
  3. How does the perspective of verse 14 help us contend with our place at the bottom of the world’s food chain, so to speak?
  4. How does true religion, pure and simple, contrast with the external formalism of legalistic Judaism with its ritual animal sacri ces, whereby those people sought acceptance with God? See verses 15-16.
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